Guidelines for Personalizing Products


We want submitted content to be respectful of others and of the law, so keep that in mind before you hit the upload button on our store. Content that is hateful, illegal and that violates intellectual property rights may be reviewed and removed at any time.


Intellectual Property Rights 

Hummingbird Effect Store and our partners respect you and we empower you to express your voice and ideas. We ask that you respect the work and creative rights of others. You need to either own the content you submit through our store, or have the rights to use, display, and resell it. Content must comply with right of publicity, trademark and copyright laws.


Illegal Content

We will remove content that depicts child pornography. Obscene content, or content that depicts or promotes illegal activity may be removed. You also have to follow your local laws. It's your responsibility to understand what you legally can and can't create while personalizing products on our store.


Hateful Content

We are proud to serve customers from around the world. We value tolerance, understanding, and respect. We don't tolerate content that expresses hatred towards any person or group. You cannot upload this sort of content on our store.


A Few More Notes

Your content is yours – nevertheless we may use examples of the products you customize and order through our store in our advertising or as promotional material without your permission. If you disagree with this, please let us know and we will remove the products in question.
All content is subject to review and we reserve the right to remove it at any time and for any reason. Each case is evaluated individually.

When ordering through our store and personalizing products it's your responsibility to follow our content guidelines – review our Terms of Service if you want to learn more details. By submitting content to Hummingbird Effect Store, you accept that it complies with both our guidelines and Terms of Service.


File Requirements

  • File resolution recommendations: Your print file has to be at least 150 DPI (dots per inch) to ensure optimal print quality.
  • Accepted print file formats: PNG, EPS

As stated above, if the content of your design is hateful, illegal, or it violates intellectual property rights, it can be removed at any time by our suppliers and print file graphic specialists.

Low-quality designs, or designs that are too small to be qualitatively scaled up are one of the most common reasons why orders are put on hold. 

When it comes to size, make sure the print file you submit is as big as you want it on your garment. Remember, that it’s better to submit a larger print file that we can scale down, instead of vice versa.

Resolution is no less important. If we printed a low-resolution file that’s scaled up, design would be blurry and pixelated. And that probably isn’t something you’d like to own.

As it’s been already mentioned, we require files to be at least 150 DPI. 

Avoid transparent elements in your design. If you’re not sure whether your design has transparent elements, try switching off the solid white background in the editor you’re using to create your print file. If the grid is showing through the elements – they’re transparent. Take a look at the image below to understand this better.


Let’s say you decided to print a design on a white t-shirt. If your design has a white background, it’s likely that the shades of white in the printed design and the garment won’t match and your final product may look odd (check the image on the left below).


Similarly, if you’re printing design with a black background on a black garment, you’ll be left with a greyish rectangle around your design.

So it is recommended to use a transparent background behind your design.

Also when you write your own text, make sure you choose a color that contrasts enough with the image in the background.

We are not responsible for the quality of the print if you do not respect these guidelines. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us through our contact page and we will be happy to help.