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About Us

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The Hummingbirdeffect Store is about sport, style and innovation- all in one place!

We are a California inspired brand dedicated to offering top quality, affordable yet unique workout gear and apparel you will fall in love with from the first glance!

We have a passion to inspire you to stay active and really enjoy your workout routines and we do this through a very careful selection of products and designs. Basically, the kind that can’t be found at your local store.

If you want to start getting fit and healthy, sometimes all you need is a little boost. Our one-of-a-kind products are designed to offer that boost. We sell top of the range, stylish and innovative sports apparel and gear to help you do more exercise and get healthier whilst actually enjoying it!

Studies* prove that our workout clothes actually affect our performance and when we add gear that solves real, important problems, our workouts can hit their peak in both physical and emotional benefits.


How many times have you searched for your keys or phone in the middle of an exercise routine? How often did you wish you had a bottle of water that wouldn’t feel like an inconvenience when hiking or running? Do you love to look stylish while biking/running/cycling or doing any other fitness activity your love? Our store answers all these questions through our unique product selection. (By the way the first product we sold – the multipurpose arm band- answered our first question and a few others).

We believe that with our unique sport items collection and variety of special offers you’re looking at a shopping experience unmatched by our competitors.


In case you wondered, the Hummingbird Effect name was first coined by Steve Johnson, an American scientist and media theorist. It is about an innovation, or cluster of innovations, in one field triggering innovation in entirely different fields, seemingly unrelated.  It became the inspiration for creating a brand that focuses on combining innovative functionality with style.

We strongly believe that innovation in our workout routines can actually have an unexpected and highly positive impact not just on our bodies but on our minds and emotions too. In fact, we know this from experience!

Hummingbirdeffect is a brand you can trust. All our products are backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can shop risk-free and most importantly, stress-free. Our ultimate goal is to create a loyal customer base that will constantly return to our store to shop freely, comfortably, and conveniently.

Finally, our mission is not just to provide creative, fun and innovative products to engage all – from seasoned athletes to complete beginners, we are also dedicated to inspiring a healthier, happier society through the combination of fitness and philanthropy.


Giving Back

By choosing our products, you will not just take steps towards improving your life but you will do the same for others supporting the education of disadvantaged kids in three countries: the United States United Kingdom and Romania. (we plan to extend to other countries as soon as our funds will allow it)

10% of our profits are dedicated to provide kids in these countries with opportunities to learn about topics such as perseverance, character, self-control, purpose, gratitude, and optimism. Research has shown that knowledge about these specific topics can vastly improve their health, academic achievements and happiness, even more so when the kids are from disadvantaged homes.

We carefully select the NGOs we partner up with the aim being to maximize the impact of our contributions.



We are happy already just to know that you’ve visited our store. It means that there is a chance that you will remember what you’ve read and that you are inspired to keep on changing your life – and the lives of others!- for the better.  

Become a Hummingbird Effect Lover- join our tribe!


* Shape Magazine article