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Our summary of key insights from fours bestselling books on the topic of living a healthy and environment-loving life:

“The Daniel Plan" by Rick Warren, Daniel Amen, Mark Hyman,

“Think and Eat yourself smart” by Dr Caroline Leaf,

“The Fast Diet", by Dr. Michael Mosley,


“Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism” by Fumio Sasaki

A very practical yet concise summary, our PDF is only 16 pages yet it includes the essential ideas from each of these four recent bestselling books PLUS a short analysis of their findings that will help you not just save time but also easily remember and apply these excellent recommendations.  

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“Today’s wheat, however, is far removed from its ancestors. Modern industrial farming methods have reduced the number of wheat varieties from thirty thousand to roughly a few handfuls… This type of wheat has fewer nutrients and is less digestible… the refining process used to prepare modern wheat increases gluten content of flour by removing the germ and keeping the endosperm. Many of us today consume gluten out of the context of whole, real wheat, which, as I have discussed in many places throughout this book, is a health accident waiting to happen.”  – Think and Eat Yourself Smart

“For the first time in our recorded history, millions of people across the world are both overweight and starving.” – Think and Eat Yourself Smart